Before You Begin. Gather all information you will need to enter into the Affiliation System. This includes the following:

  • Chapter Charter Number and Affiliation Password
    This password remains the same each year. If you need to request your user name and password, contact your HOSA State Director at [email protected]
  • Membership List
    You will be asked to provide information about each member to include:
  • Classification (grade or class in school)
  • Organization and title (for professional members)
  • Complete mailing address
  • Phone, Fax, and Email Address

 Initial Affiliation Application 

The Affiliation Process is online and it is easy!

  1. Go to the National HOSA website: 
  2. Click Login in the upper right corner. You will then be asked for your national charter number and password. Enter the information and begin the online affiliation process.
  3. After successfully logging in, proceed to Chapter Membership and Conference Registration
  4. You will reach the main menu – Then select Complete the Affiliation Application.



To access instructions for online affiliation, please click on the first link in the main menu. It is recommended that you review the instructions if you are unfamiliar with the online affiliation system.