By: Samuelle Beltejar

Hello Nevada HOSA! Our members have worked hard to prepare for ILC and we have champions to recognize:

  • Ed W. Clark’s Reddy, Saran, and Reddy placed sixth in Biomedical Debate.

  • Samuelle Beltejar placed tenth in Dental Science.

  • AACT’s Cole and O’Bryant placed fourth in Emergency Medical Technician. 

  • Vihaan Jain placed fourth in Epidemiology.

  • Rachel Weese placed third in Extemporaneous Writing.

  • Abby Golik placed ninth in Job Seeking Skills.

  • Sanjay Soni placed tenth in Medical Math.

  • Kristi Lee placed fourth in Nursing Assisting.

  • Ed W. Clark’s Phan, Kim, and Shah placed second in Original Medical Innovation

  • Antonio Hernandez placed first in Biochemistry and fourth in Organic Chemistry.

  • There were eighteen Barabara James Service Award bronze recipients.

  • SWCTA’s Chelsea Ma was a silver recipient and AACT’s Mia Paco was a gold recipient of the Barbara James Service Award.  

  • Carson High School had three students and SWCTA had twelve students who participated in the MRC Partnership.

  • Carson High School, Yerington High School, and SWCTA were awarded the HOSA Service Project Certificate of Merit. 

  • SWCTA’s Samantha Libatique, Yerington High School’s Josie Mattice, Carson High School’s Rachel Rundell and Sydney Lloyd, Elko High School’s Sarah Gorman and Mary Tessa Slater, and Douglas High School’s Tracy Tran were awarded Outstanding HOSA Chapter.

Congratulations to everyone and every chapter celebrated at ILC! Our members have shown that Nevada HOSA is filled with champions who are a force to be reckoned with.

ILC was also filled with other exciting news! Nevada had an extremely great influence in electing the 2019-2020 HOSA Executive Council because our very own Northern Region Vice President, Mia Pasco, slated candidates in the Nominating Committee! In addition, Churchill High School and the State Officers also had a chance to meet the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Adams, who is focused and passionate about ensuring “better health through better partnerships.” The officers also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Dennis Villacruz, a fellow Nevadan and alumnus of Churchill High School who also serves with Dr. Adams in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Finally, the State Officers were ecstatic as they met Sean Sheffer, National HOSA’s 2011-2012 President who came from Rancho High School! These exceptional Nevadans show that our state is a true underdog whose members have so much promise.

The State Officers hosted a slew of events to connect with the members during ILC! Samuelle was overjoyed to meet the amazing members of West Career and Technical Academy, Northwest Career and Technical Academy, and the Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology during the luncheon. The officers also had a great time with Ed W. Clark on Game Night! They cannot wait to bond with them and the other members again!

As the summer comes to an end, the HOSA-tastic school year begins! The State Officers would like to extend their congratulations to all the new Chapter Officers! They would also like to say good luck to everyone on their HOSA journeys. 

The State Officers have an exciting Program of Work planned to help the members throughout the year. They are planning on revamping the Sister Chapters Program so that this revolutionary project that fosters connections between members across the state becomes more enjoyable and exciting. They also want to keep all of Nevada HOSA updated by constantly increasing their social media presence and reaching out to all of the chapters. The State Officers want to increase the membership of Nevada HOSA, too! Finally, to gain new opportunities for the members, the State Officers will aim to secure new partnerships. Overall, this Program of Work will guide the officers to ensure Nevada HOSA will be the best it ever has been!

The State Officers cannot wait for the fantastic year ahead! Mia is ready to work hard in both her school work and her HOSA work to make sure that all of the Nevada members have a good year! Grace was thrilled to meet so many Nevada HOSA members at ILC and can't wait to see the amazing things that the organization will achieve in terms of leadership, service, and competition! Brianna is ready and excited because going back to school means more HOSA memories will be created through all of the amazing opportunities and projects Nevada HOSA will be presenting! Chris can't wait for the upcoming year to be able to see everyone work hard to achieve their goals and make happy memories that will be unforgettable. Sam. is ecstatic to celebrate the extraordinary success of the members. Let’s become the best Future Health Professionals we can be as we lead Towards Tomorrow and serve the HOSA Service Project, the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, for the second year.