Jane Shovlin, RN, BSN, RP

State Director

Chapter Support, New Chapter Development
Email: hello@nevadahosa.org

Daphne Dale, RN, BSN

Executive Director

Governance, Industry Partnerships, Advocacy/Public Relations, Board Support
Email: executivedirector@nevadahosa.org

Heather Watterlond LPN, BHA

State Director

Conferences and Registration
Email: hq@nevadahosa.org

Emily Carter

State Officer Coach

State Officer Coach
Email: coach@nevadahosa.org

Sean Robinson

Senior Director

Email: seniordirector@nevadahosa.org

Brooke Cecil

Finance Manager

Email: finance@nevadahosa.org

Jennifer Fisk

Nevada Dept. of Education CTSO Liason

Email: jennifer.fisk@doe.nv.gov
Phone: (702) 486-6625

Luetta Mann

Competition Manager

Competitive Events Manager
Email: luetta@nevadahosa.org

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