What's New?

Advisor Name Badges

Nevada HOSA is proud to provide chapter advisors a professionally imprinted Nevada HOSA Name Badge. If you haven’t yet received one, please request it using the form below. If it is your first badge, Nevada HOSA covers the cost. If you need a replacement or have previously had a badge, there will be an $8 charge. We will get our first batch in time for the Leadership Rallies, and we will place one final order prior to SLC.

Here is the form to request a badge:



Thank you to so many of you who submitted members in time for the HOSA 100 Club! Nevada HOSA is already halfway to last year’s year-end membership. 

Nevada CTSO Leadership Rallies

The Leadership Rallies are just about 45 days away! For advisors, we will have a two-hour professional development in the morning facilitated by the Nevada Department of Education. In the afternoon, you will join students for the competitive event demonstrations.

The 2016 Leadership Rally Registration Materials are listed below for your benefit.

HOSA 100 Club Deadline

The HOSA 100 Club deadline is Friday, October 14. To be in the 100 club, you must pay your first affiliation dues with a check that must be received at National HOSA by October 15.

NAMI – National Service Partner

One of the initiatives from NAMI, our National Service Partner – is to encourage citizens to pledge to be Stigma Free. The NAMI Pledge can be found here: http://www.nami.org/stigmafree#pledge

Chapter Visits

The state officers are excited to serve Nevada HOSA Chapters. They hope to innovate learning experiences, inspire their HOSA journey, and ignite their passion for healthcare.

One goal the officer team has is to unite Nevada HOSA chapters together in closer relationships inside and outside of the classroom. Starting with chapter visits, we will grow as a whole and unite all chapters.

If you would like a state officer to visit your chapter, please contact our State President Henry Liang at president@nevadahosa.org.

Medical Reading

As students have been preparing for Medical Reading, it has been noted that the Gifted Hands book for the middle school division is available in both a “kids” version and a “full” version. HOSA is using the “full” version for this event. National HOSA has added the ISBN number to the guidelines to simplify this.

SLC Keynote Speaker

We are excited to share that our keynote speaker for SLC is confirmed! Jennifer Adams, Ms. Wheelchair USA 2014, will be joining us and sharing her message on motivation beyond limitations. To see more about Jennifer, please visit her website at www.jenniferlynnadams.com. Please share this with your students!

Adding Competitive Events

In our recent advisor survey, several comments and questions were made about wanting to know how new events are added in Nevada. The only new event added this year is Physical Therapy. But, our team is always excited to consider adding more! Here’s what you need to know:

Nevada HOSA reviews the competitive events it offers each year in August. Members, Advisors, Parents, Alumni, and other HOSA Supporters are encouraged to suggest new events for Nevada HOSA at any time during the year – just know they are reviewed in August for the year that is about to start.

The suggestion form is always open and can be found here:  https://trileadership.wufoo.com/forms/nevada-hosa-competitive-event-suggestion-form/

The lens that the management and competitive event teams review new event suggestions is primarily curriculum related. If the suggested competitive event addition is related to Health Science and Public Safety Education Standards, the team works very hard to add that event for Nevada HOSA. Please don’t hesitate to suggest new events at any time!

National Service Partner

HOSA’s National Service Partner for 2016-18 is NAMI – the National Alliance for Mental Illness. National HOSA has clarified – NAMI wants all volunteer and fundraising efforts to support the local NAMI chapters. We are lucky to have several active NAMI Chapters in Nevada – so as you support NAMI, please be sure to work with the local chapter nearest you.

Do you want Membership Cards?

National HOSA and Awards Unlimited are working to identify how missed our former membership cards are. Until last year, all members received a plastic membership card each year. This was discontinued – and there is talk of bringing them back for states to purchase. Is this a membership benefit that your students liked? Do you want to see Nevada HOSA participate in membership cards again? Please give us your feedback so we can make an informed decision. Here is the quick link to give a quick answer:


HOSA and STEMPremier

National HOSA has officially partnered with STEMPremier. If you visit the competitive event guidelines page on the national HOSA website, at the very bottom, they have loaded an outline of what they are doing with STEMPremier. STEMPremier is a badging site that provides scholarship opportunities, networking opportunities – and now – a place for some of HOSA’s competitive events! Please take important note – Nevada HOSA is using one, and only one feature in STEMPremier this year for competitive events. For Job Seeking Skills and Interviewing Skills, students will need to upload their cover letter and resume. This is the ONLY event that Nevada HOSA is using STEMPremier for this year. Students that advance to ILC will need to be ready for STEMPremier to be part of eight total competitive events.

We encourage you to have a chapter meeting activity of all students creating a STEMPremier Profile as soon as possible so that they can familiarize themselves with the platform and functionality – as well as take advantage of the benefits. As we progress through the year, there will be many more opportunities throughout the year. At the current moment, National HOSA is working to identify what badges students can earn – member, SLC attendee, competitor, and more. No badges are official yet – but they are in the works! When we get closer to the winter, I will host a webinar for advisors to see exactly how the upload process will work.